Santa Tour 2022

Santa will be visiting your neighborhood, barring any emergency calls for service or weather-related issues, on the dates below. Please note:

  • NEW THIS YEAR - Santa will most likely NOT enter courts or dead-end streets during his rides around communities. While we want to visit every street, entering courts and dead ends requires more time to navigate, increasing risk to property and delayed response to calls for 911 service. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you at the next closest intersection during his tour.
  • We attempt to make up any area missed due to weather or emergency 911 calls. Make up dates and times will not be published in advance this year due to scheduling challenges.
  • Santa visits occur between 6:00p-9:00p on weekdays and 5:00p-9:00p on weekends.
  • Be sure to use Santa Tracker to see where Santa is along his journey. Santa Tracker links are provided on our Facebook page the evening of his tour.
  • If we miss you during the tour this year, we look forward to seeing you at Breakfast with Santa this December. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details coming soon.


Where is Santa?

Watch where Santa is each evening by following Santa Tracker. We post the Santa Tracker each evening on our Facebook page a few minutes before he leaves either our Abingdon station (Santa 1) or Edgewood station (Santa 3).


Why did Santa skip my street?

Santa's volunteers strive to make it down every street in every community every year, however sometimes it's not just possible for a variety of reasons. Aside from schedules being cut short due to 9-1-1 emergencies, other examples are weather conditions, dead-end roads, courts, and streets with narrow access for large vehicles. In these cases, it might not be reasonable to navigate these streets unless it's an emergency. If we do, we run the risk of having a delayed 9-1-1 response when someone needs us in a hurry. In any case, if we miss your house, we sincerely apologize. Hopefully you can make your way to the nearest intersection and use Santa Tracker to see how his tour is progressing!


Support Abingdon Fire Company

Abingdon Fire Company is an organization comprised of volunteers who respond to thousands of emergencies each year and do their best to support the community in other ways, like the annual Santa Tour. Aside from coming out to say hello to Santa and his helpers as they pass by, you can also support us with your generous contribution. DONATE HERE >>



Please check Facebook posts daily for schedule changes.


November 27, Santa 1: (track Santa here)

  • Abingdon Reserve
  • Ainsley Forest/12 Stones
  • Bynum Hills Road
  • Bynum Overlook
  • Harford Town
  • Hidden Stream
  • Mountain Bush Estates
  • My Lady's Manor
  • Philadelphia Station
  • Pomeroy Manor
  • Tiffany Woods
  • Timberwoods
  • Village of Bynum Run
  • Woodland Run

November 27, Santa 3: (track Santa here)

  • Autumn Run
  • Clearview
  • Cokesbury Manor
  • Medley Estates
  • Van Bibber/Walton/Red Maple


November 29, Santa 1: (track Santa here)

  • Box Hill North
  • Burgh Westra
  • Cedar Oaks
  • Laurel Ridge
  • Laurel Valley
  • Broadview
  • Overview Manor

      PLANNED street visit map:



November 30, Santa 3: (track Santa here)

  • Long Bar Harbor
  • Otter Point
  • Searay
  • West Shore

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE:



December 1, Santa 1: (track Santa here)

  • Box Hill South
  • Constant Friendship (East of 24)
  • St. Clair
  • Woodsdale Meadows
  • Woodspring/Lou Mar

      PLANNED street visit map:



December 1, Santa 3: (track Santa here)

  • Laura's Landing
  • Rockhall Farms
  • Van Bibber Manor
  • Walton's Retreat

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE:



December 6, Santa 1: (track Santa here)

  • Singer Woods
  • Preston Manor
  • Monmouth Meadows
  • Arthur's Woods

      PLANNED street visit map:



December 6, Santa 3: (track Santa here)

  • Edgewood Meadows 
  • Broadneck Crossing
  • Scholar Ct 

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE:



December 8, Santa 1: (track Santa here)

  • Cedar Day
  • Cedar Lane
  • Monarch Glen
  • Fairway
  • Loyal Lane/Harold Heights

      PLANNED street visit map:




December 10, Santa 1: (track Santa here)

  • Constant Branch
  • Constant Friendship (West of 24, off Tollgate)
  • Winter's Run Manor
  • Eagles Landing at Waters Edge

      PLANNED street visit map:




December 10, Santa 3(track Santa here)

  • Flying Point
  • Harbor Oak
  • Otter Creek Woods

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE:



December 11 - Breakfast with Santa

7:30a-10a Adults(ages 12+) - $12.00

Seniors- $10.00 Kids(ages 6-12) - $6.00

Kids (Under 6) - Free

Questions? Amanda Bertram, EMR Fundraising Committee Chairperson


December 13, Santa 1:  (track Santa here)

  • Arborview
  • Chapelgate
  • Riverside
  • Wexford

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE:



December 13, Santa 3(track Santa here)

  • Bauer's Lane
  • Lord Willoughby's Rest
  • Forest Oaks 
  • Willoughby Woods
  • Harford Landing

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE:



December 15, Santa 1:  (track Santa here)

  • Hollywoods
  • Riverside Apartments
  • Seven Trails
  • James Run

      PLANNED street visit map UNAVAILABLE: