Annual Awards Banquet and Officer Installation
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By EMS Lieutenant Steven Duvall
February 17, 2024

On Saturday Feb 10 2024, Abingdon Fire company had its 99th annual awards banquet and installation of officers.
During the event, the 2023 officers recognized its members with a special memorial of 4 members that passed away during the year which included: Mr. Dale Pennington, Ms. Jean Kranz, Ms. Linda Dousa, and Ms. Rose Krajca. The company further recognized Top 10 fire and EMS duty hours, top 10 fire and EMS responders, top Admin hours, Indictment of a Harford Cecil Hall of Fame, Rookie of the year, and Fire and EMS of the year along with the swearing in of line officers and administrative officers. All of those recognized did this atop of being with their families, jobs, and other life commitments.
Those recognized:
Top EMS responders:
Donna Laird 181
Steven Duvall 175
Katrina Neeper 108
Tina Ervin 77
Tristian Eberle 70
Daniel Naylor 61
Rodnie Matutue 56
Lisa Malvaso 49
Robert Boyce 48
Victoria Farfan Arias 48
EMS Duty hours:
Donna Laird 629
Katrina Neeper 399
Tina Ervin 332
Steven Duvall 323
Daniel Naylor 235
Victoria Farfan- Arias 218
Tristian Eberle 217
Lisa Malvaso 182
Toloria Spruell 169
Rodnie Matute 169
Top Fire responders:
Jesse Spruell 625
Albert Bair Jr 624
Brett Boyce 400
Greg Simmons 387
Mike Kreshalk 327
Noah Dodson 278
Theodore Spruell 250
Sean Saunders 250
Kenneth Zimmerman 242
Fire Duty Hours:
Brett Boyce 1333
Greg Simmons 1330
Art Schaffer 1142
Jessica Tharrington 1034
Theodore Spruell 938
Zacary Boyce 874
Sean Saunders 766
Mike Kreshalk 749
Noah Dodson 660
Ryan Tillis 647
Admin Hours:
Alfreda Martin 741
Ruth Tolliver 401
Nancy Randers- Pehrson 375
Christine Henn 311
Denise Kropp 297
5 years of service - Tina Ervin and Micheal Kershalk
10 years of service - Nancy Randers- Pehrson and Rob Boyce.
15 years of service - Jaime Taylor, Joseph Spruell, Steven Muccioli, Sam Hobbs
25 years of service -Rob Glassman and Ronald Evans
40 years of service- Kenny Vanderwiele and Dave Ryan
Harford Cecil Hall of fame- Kenny Vanderwiele
Linda Dousa Lifetime EMS Leadership Award presented by Mr. Greg Dietrich of the Norrisville Volunteer Fire Company- to Linda Dousa -Accepted on behalf by Todd and Tim Foster
Special Awards:
Firefighter of the year - Noah Dodson
EMS Person of the year- Tina Ervin
Rookie of the year - Joe Davis
Lew and Frances Espey married couple of the year - Nate and Tina Ervin
Administrative Officers:
President: Nate Ervin
Secretary: Bill Dousa
Treasurer: Tom Schultz
Chaplain: Dave Graham/ Nancy Randers-Pehrson
Board of Directors:
Donna Averion-Laird (Chair)
Theodore Spruell III
Ken Vanderweile
Chris Breslin
Aert Shaffer Jr
Nate Ervin
Operational Officers:
Chief: Chris Breslin
1st Assistant Chief: Rob Glassman
2nd Assistant Chief: Jesse Spruell
Training Officer: Justin Eberle
Captain House 1: Sam Hobbs
Captain House 3: Rob Boyce
House 1 Fire Lieutenants: Ben Keck, Sean Saunders, Mike Kreshalk, Brett Boyce
House 3 Fire Lieutenant: Ron Evans
House 1 Fire Sergeant: Ryan Walter
House 3 Fire Sergeant: Greg Simons
EMS Captain: Jaime Taylor
EMS Lieutenants: Steve Duvall, Tristan Eberle
EMS Sergeants: Sarah Bellamy, Tina Ervin
AFC Congratulates all of those that were recognized and wishes the best of luck to the 2024 officers for a great year!
Photo Credit:
EMT/FF Steven Muccioli
EMS Lt: Steve Duvall